Dr. W.P. Smedley is a Board Certified General Surgeon, well-trained in the care of critically ill patients.
  His interest in Anorexics and Bulimics was sparked by a close friend of his family developing the signs and symptoms of the condition. He knew she was raised with special care and love and must have some underlying medical reason for her symptoms. When this proved true the treatment of her condition resulted in complete recovery.
  Dr. Smedley currently has over nintey cases of anorexia - bulimia that have all recovered through his medical investigations.
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Gallbladder Disease in Children ...Approximately 40% of all pediatric cases occur in children less than 11 years of age and 60% occur in children 11 to 20 years of age...
IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome is considered a functional disorder of the intestines. Since the symptoms of IBS and gallbladder disease are similar, possibly they are due in a great measure to a diseased gallbladder with a functional disorder. Read More...
Dr. Clark Gerhart, information about abdominal adhesions
on ClarkGerhart.com


   There is a significant number of individuals considered to have an eating disorder, Anorexia or Bulimia, who have a real physical cause for their predicament. The source of their problem has been undiscoverable using the usual diagnostic studies. Since no one has been able to find the cause for their symptoms, the reason is labeled "in your head" or an irritable bowel is considered to be part of the eating disorder.

   Could your child be one of these individuals who truly is suffering because no one can give you an answer as to the cause of the symptoms? And as a loving parent who would do anything to relieve your child's suffering, shouldn't you make one more try?

   This is not a Self-Help course or a Self-Help treatment. It is an effort to inform you of certain highly specific diagnostic studies or tests that are currently available. These studies must be ordered by your family physician to identify the underlying medical condition. If these studies are not performed, there is no way to assume that they are normal. Once the results of these tests are obtained and are found to be abnormal, the specific condition that they relate to must be investigated further.

   You cannot and should not assume that your family physician knows about these studies or that they have been already obtained in previous examinations. You may even be told that these studies are unnecessary or useless in your case. Please be persistent and insist that they be done before you accept that it is all in your head.

   If, after these studies are obtained, you still have questions, please write or e-mail me, and I will tell you where to go from there. There is no way to ignore an abnormal result. The abnormal finding must be accounted for. Remember, to make a psychiatric diagnosis of Anorexia and Bulimia no medical condition must exist that could account for the disease.

Read What Some Of Dr. Smedley's Patients Have To Say...

Read an April 25th article from the Springfield, MO. Times-Leader in PDF format.

Read "A Father's Story" by Randy Schellenberg: The diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa and its subsequent treatment brought our only child to the brink of death, and nearly destroyed our family. In the end, we discovered that the diagnosis was incorrect, and that the underlying cause of her refusal to eat was gallbladder disease. A Father's Story

... I was in high honors, cheerleading, FBLA, yearbook, Spanish Club, field hockey, PSAT classes on Wednesday and Thursday, plus working three days a week at a video store. During the summer I continued with all activities until August, which is when the symptoms started: extreme pain, nausea, throwing up, not being able to eat. Continued...

... "But first I would like to say that living with a person with an eating disorder is Hell in capital letters. As a mother of a young woman who lost the battle, I can only say that sometimes you wish you could die, but you must be there for your daughter. When you try to be understanding, it doesn't work, because in doing so you are really feeding and nourishing the problem itself. Continued...

... It's been one week since my nightmare ended, but it feels like years. Already the horrors of those months are fading to the back of my mind like a bad dream. My recovery has been so peaceful that I find it hard to believe I used to be so agitated I never sat still. I've gathered my thoughts on the whole experience and I'm writing down what I can remember. Perhaps, hearing what I went through can help another suffering the same way. Continued...

If you or your family member has undergone the erect CCK Stimulation Test and have shown a positive test, please answer a few questions which may be of help to others suffering as you have.

The Fat Book

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The alternative look at eating disorders Anorexia and Bulimia : Mom, do I Look fat?

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