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  The most common surgical procedure done in the United States today is the removal of the gallbladder. This procedure is technically referred to as cholecystecomy. Approximately 300,000 are performed each year. The initial purpose in publishing this material was to alert patients with gallbladder disease, to a method used in relieving temporarily at least those symptoms that are present during this condition...

  For a period lasting more than ten years, I went from doctor to doctor seeking relief from what had been diagnosed over the time as irritable bowel, spastic colon, Crohn's Disease, lactose intolerance and stress...

 ... The first time I met Dr. Smedley, I was ... in an emergency room. One of his first comments after a brief history was "Ok, everyone else has had their try, now it's my turn." To go into detail on what proceeded would be to give away the contents of this book. So I'll conclude by saying this: if you have experienced any of the symptoms that I've mentioned (in the full preface) and have been from doctor to doctor, and are still on your trek for a possible solution, then take heart. There is a ray of hope and it can be found in the pages of this book.

Michael J Sanfilippo
Editor and former Patient

W.P. Smedley
M.D. F.A.C.S.
Is no longer
practicing. This
site remains for
information only.

Saint Anthony's Medical Treatment of Gallbladder Disease
by W.P. Smedley M.D. F.A.C.S.

From The Introduction:
Saint Anthony's low fat gallbladder diet was born of necessity. Patients with gallstones or gallbladder disease experiencing symptoms of bloating, gaseousness, constipation,alternating with diarrhea, belching, heartburn or indigestion, were told to "watch your diet" or were given a diet containing foods which aggravated the gallbladder. Since their symptoms eventually progresses to abdominal pain they believed that the only way to obtain relief was to have surgery to remove the gallbladder.

There is no way to cure the patient with gallbladder disease without surgery, but there is a way to treat the gallbladder and temporize without having to undergo immediate surgery. As long as the St. Anthony Diet is adhered to strictly, the gallbladder usually stays quiescent...
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Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 ... The Gallbladder
  • Chapter 2 ... Classical Picture of Gallbladder Disease
  • Chapter 3 ... Coping
  • Chapter 4 ... Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Chapter 5 ... St. Anthony's Fat and Forty Gallbladder Diet
  • Chapter 6 ... Food Section Explanations
  • Chapter 7 ... Calories By Food Section
  • Chapter 8 ... How To Lose Pounds Faster
  • Chapter 9 ... Dining Out
  • Chapter 10 ... Stumbling Block Recipes
  • Chapter 11 ... Hypoglycemia
  • Chapter 12 ... After The Weight Loss Diet
  • Chapter 13 ... How To Increase Your Daily Allowance Of Fats
  • Chapter 14 ... What About The Atkins' Diet?
  • Chapter 15 ... Food Tolerance
  • Chapter 16 ... Special Diets After Gallbladder Surgery
  • Chapter 17 ... The Recovery Period
  • Chapter 18 ... Recommendation
  • Chapter 19 ... Eating Disorders
  • Chapter 20 ... A Typical "Chole" Wife
  • Chapter 21 ... A Stone In My Shoe
  • Chapter 22 ... The Universal Diet

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