Dr. W.P. Smedley is a Board Certified General Surgeon, well-trained in the care of critically ill patients.

  His interest in Anorexics and Bulimics was sparked by a member of his family developing the signs and symptoms of the condition. He knew she was raised with special care and love and must have some underlying medical reason for her symptoms. When this proved true the treatment of her condition resulted in complete recovery.

  Dr. Smedley currently has sixty-eight cases of anorexia - bulimia that have all recovered through his medical investigations.

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   Gallbladder Disease

If you have taken the time to read my thoughts about the causes of Anorexia on the web pages you will realize that I believe many such cases have undiagnosed gallbladder disease as the underlying cause. But the diagnosis of gallbladder disease many times is difficult and not straight forward even in those symptomatic individuals without an eating disorder.

Saint Anthony's Low Fat Gallbladder Diet was born of necessity. Patients with proven gallbladder disease, with or without gallstones experiencing symptoms of bloating, gassiness, constipation alternating with diarrhea, belching, heartburn or indigestion are told to "watch your diet" or were given a diet containing foods which aggravated the diseased gallbladder. Remember, the first symptom of gallbladder disease is constipation that can alternate with episodes of diarrhea. The right upper abdominal pain is a late symptom.

Also, the individuals with signs and symptoms of gallbladder disease but whose diagnostic studies have all been "normal" need a means of reducing or eliminating their symptoms. Their gallbladder x-ray showed good visualization with no gallstones, the ultrasound study revealed no gallstones, the upper GI series was normal. The PIPIDA scan, the nuclear study was normal. The gastroscopy showed only gastritis.

A trial period of the Saint Anthony Diet brought about relief of their symptoms after only five days. The belching stopped, the heartburn stopped, the gassiness was lessened. Despite the negative diagnostic gallbladder studies the individual felt better, looked better, and had more energy while adhering closely to the Diet. When the Diet was abandoned the symptoms returned. The Diet also served as a diagnostic tool in the case of the patient suspected of having gallbladder disease.

If something looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and has white feathers, it probably is a duck. Similarly, if a patient with normal gallbladder studies suspected of having gallbladder disease responds favorably to the Saint Anthony Diet then it probably is a case of gallbladder disease. Be aware, however, that the use of the Diet will treat your gallbladder disease but it will never cure the condition.

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