All you who have suffered so long without relief please let me know via e-mail how the diet helps you. Also, there is no way for one to adhere to the special diet forever. Once you find that your symptoms have subsided, being human, you will believe that you can eat "normally" again. This is not possible since your problem is genetic. Please keep in touch especially when this happens.

God bless,

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Diet Section Explanations

   On the following page you will find an explanation of each section of your modified 40 gram Low Fat diet. I have attempted to clarify for you which foods and beverages (listed on the AVOID LIST) irritate your genetic digestive system so that you may eliminate these items. Such items may be listed elsewhere on other Low Fat diets as containing only a trace of fat, yet if it is on my "AVOID LIST", then it has been found by experience to cause a problem with the genetic digestive system.. Regular coffee is probably the best example. It is listed everywhere on the Low Fat lists of foods as having only traces of fat. However, look at your friend’s cup of coffee in a reflected light and see the oil droplets floating on the top. It resembles the oil under your garaged car. It is this oil that causes the problem for the genetic digestive system..


   Regular coffee contains oil droplets which may be seen floating on the surface. You have seen what oil mixed with water looks like on your garage floor. It has a similar appearance on the surface of coffee. This oil is removed when the coffee is decaffeinated. If you need caffeine in your drink, then use tea. There is an equal amount present in the tea. Coke is not permitted. If you are addicted to Coke, then you are probably addicted to caffeine and you can find this in another clear or fruit flavored carbonated beverage. Read the label. Beer is not permitted because of the malt it contains. You may use a sweet or dry white wine. Sample a few - you’ll find one that you like. Remember that the sweet wine contains more calories.


   Doughnuts are fried in oil and are never allowed. English muffins are high in fat content. Graham crackers are cooked in lard. Ritz crackers are greasy. That is why they are packed in wax paper so the cardboard box won’t absorb the grease. Pancakes and waffles are high in fats. Each waffle contains 7 grams of fat. A regular bagel with shortening is not allowed. White bread and whole bread are best. Raisin bread is allowed. Water-cooked bagels (Basically Bagels) are allowed.


   Dry and cooked are low in fat content. In general, an average serving has less than one gram of fat per serving. Natural cereals are not allowed because of added nuts, vegetable oil, coconut, etc. One serving can have 4-7 grams of fat before the milk is added. Wheat germ is high in fats and is not permitted. Of course, use skimmed milk or 1% low fat milk on the cereal if you wish, but never 2%.


   Desserts are a problem with any diet. This is especially true if you are a goodie-eater. However, on this diet, some desserts may be eaten. The usual desserts are high in fats and are not allowed. However, with some ingenuity on your part, a variety of desserts will be available to round off your meals. The basic ingredients of this diet are Angel Food Cake and fruits. To Angel Food cake, which is made with egg whites, you can add strawberries, raspberries, mixed fruit or peaches. The Angel Food Cake can be eaten plain and the fruit can be eaten alone. Additional baking from scratch is both easy and it may be necessary and desirable at times to add cakes with permitted ingredients.

   Italian Ices contain no fat. However, sherbet is made with whole milk and therefore not permitted. Also, Dairy Queen and Regular Carvel are made with ice milk and are not allowed. A cupful of ice milk contain 7.0 grams of fat. It seems unreasonable to waste 1/6 of the day’s fat allowance on a dip of ice milk when there are more fat-economical choices available.

   Cool-Whip is high in fats as are the rest of the whipped cream toppings. Marshmallows and Marshmallow topping are allowed. Ice popsicles are excellent. Be wary of the added ingredients in the other types of popsicles -- i.e. pudding popsicles. Featherweight reduced-calorie Custards are allowed, contain no fat, and are flavored with fructose.

   One large fresh egg has 6 grams of fat. So two eggs for breakfast would give you 12 grams of fat. There are egg substitutes available and are suitable. However, others have emulsifiers, usually unsaturated, hydrogenated vegetable oils added to replace the emulsifiers present in egg yolk. These hydrogenated vegetable oils are fats and this group of egg substitutes cannot be included in the lowered fat menus. Read labels on such products with care.


   Butter and margarine are considered to be equal on this diet. Vegetable oil contains 14 grams of fat per tablespoons, as does butter and margarine. That is why only one tablespoon is allowed per day, not per meal. All other fats, like mayonnaise and imitation mayonnaise are never allowed. Butterbuds are a good substitute for butter and may be used. Several recipes for their use can be found on the Butterbud box.


Raw apples, even one a day to keep the doctor away, are not permitted. Bananas which are usually eaten for potassium, are never allowed. Equal amounts of potassium will be found in raisins, apricots, and orange juice. Cantaloupe and honey-dew are not permitted because they cause gasiness. Canned fruits eaten regularly for breakfast will promote better bowel movements. Light syrup is better than heavy syrup and water is better than light syrup. Applesauce and baked apples are fine on the diet because they are cooked. The pectin they contain is destroyed by the cooking heat.


   All meat even when carefully trimmed contains fat. There is now way to get rid of this fat except to limit the overall size of the portion of meat. That is why the 6 ounce portion of meat is so important. It can easily be approximated once you have seen the size that your butcher has demonstrated for you. Go to the meat department of your store and ask the butcher to show you what 6 ounces of steak or 6 ounces of veal or 6 ounces of hamburger looks like.

   Tuna is packed in either oil or water. You may not eat the oil-packed tuna. Since restaurants only buy oil-packed tuna, you cannot eat tuna away from home.

   Shrimp are high in cholesterol but are low in fat, so enjoy them on this diet. Sliced chicken breast is excellent. Dark meat is not allowed. When you buy chicken, be sure it is not chicken roll. No turkey is permitted. Turkey is too greasy for this diet. Roast beef is excellent but pull off those fatty pieces.

   Restaurants will gladly substitute a lemon flavoring in place of butter sauce if you request it when you have seafood.

   The next time your family eats hot dogs, save one overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning, break it in half and feel the grease that is present. You will understand why they are not allowed.

   Ham and pork no matter how lean are never permitted. Steak-umms and minute steaks are too greasy.


   Use skimmed milk in the mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes eaten in a restaurant are made with whole milk and are not allowed. There is no limitation on noodles or spaghetti as the sauce contains the forbidden oils unless the sauces are made at home. Use plain or salted pretzels as your snack. Never use potato chips or other chips. Never use the new no-fat chips.


   Plain sauces are permitted excluding butter sauces and cheese sauces.


   Boullion soups are permitted. Home-made vegetable soup is allowed if the fat is skimmed off. All canned soups are high in fats and never permitted. Canned soups used in preparation of other dishes are not permitted because of this. The box soups to which one adds water are permitted providing it states 0 fat on the box. If the box isn’t labeled in regard to fat content, don’t buy it.


   Creamy marshmallows are not permitted, however the plain marshmallows are allowed. Hard candy, jellies, licorice, green or orange leaves, and all types of gum are allowed.


   The vegetables not permitted are the "gas-formers" and will cause distress even thought their fat content may be very low.


   Mustard and catsup may be used. Mayonnaise and imitation mayonnaise are never allowed. A very tasty gravy can be made with French’s AuJus gravy mix. Just add water. o not add pan drippings as these are all liquid fat. Bacon bits, although low in fat, are not permitted. Be wary of the Croutons -- read the label, as they may contain too much shortening.


   Any type of oil dressing is not allowed. You cannot stretch you daily allowance of one tablespoon of vegetable oil to satisfy your taste when having a salad. And there is no need for that any longer. IF you "suffer" when you use vinegar and lemon juice, take heart. Kraft has just marketed an oil-free Italian dressing, along with their low calorie Catalina dressing used in moderation. Also Good Seasons low calorie Italian dressing has no fat. Do not use any type of Mayonnaise or Roquefort dressing. Catsup is allowed and has only a trace of fat; the same for mustard. Horseradish is not allowed. Mayonnaise is never allowed on this diet. Imitation mayonnaise is never allowed either. Remember that EMULSIFIERS are always added to the dressings when they are labeled no fat.

However, it is necessary to have some type of Low Fat dressing to use in place of mayonnaise when the recipe calls for its use. For example, to make tuna salad, using water packed tuna:

1/2 teaspoon plain gelatin

2 egg yolks

1 1/2 teaspoons dry mustard

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup mild vinegar

   In 1/4 cup of undiluted evaporated skimmed milk, soak the 1/2 teaspoon of plain gelatin. Place the remaining 1 1/4 cups of the undiluted skimmed milk in a double-boiler and scald. Then remove the double boiler from the lid and dissolve the gelatin in it. Beat together the 2 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, the 1 1/2 teaspoons of dry mustard and the 1 teaspoon of salt. Stir into this a little of the hot milk and gelatin mixture. Then add the remainder of milk mixture and blend. Return these ingredients to the double-boiler and stir over a low heat for about 10 minutes until they begin to thicken. Remove from the lid and add the 1/4 cup of mild vinegar slowly. The mixture will thicken as it cools. Allow to cool, then refrigerate.

Lo FAT Foods - No FAT Foods

   Beware of those foods which you would normally expect to contain high fat yet are now advertised or labeled as low fat or no fat.

   The food industry has been very successful in eliminating fat from high fat foods, such as mayonnaise, cheese, and salad dressings. This results in the elimination of the high calories found in fat. But the fat is replaced by a new ingredient, one that does not contain calories, but does contain an emulsifier which causes irritation to your genetic digestive system. So, although it might be healthier for the average individual or one with heart disease to eat this low fat or no fat food to cut down on their fat intake, the person with a genetic digestive system disorder will experience the return of their digestive symptoms.

   If you do any baking you know you must use shortening to make a cake, the exception being angel food cake. Shortening is fat and therefore upsets the genetic digestive system. So how is it possible for some companies to make a cake without shortening, which is the same as fat? They just substitute an emulsifier which contains no fat but which still causes symptoms to the individual with a genetic digestive disorder.

   Consider a raw apple. It contains no fat but it does contain pectin which will cause a return of symptoms. Consider beer, which contains no fat, but is made from malt and hops. These malts and hops cause the genetic digestive disorder patient to experience symptoms. So, you with genetic digestive disorder cannot eat the low fat or no fat mayonnaise, the low fat or no fat cheese, except the 1% cottage cheese. These foods will make you sick.

   Go back to the Kraft Low Calorie Catalina salad dressing, or the lemon juice or vinegar on your salad. Content yourself that there is now way for you to eat any kind of mayonnaise until your symptoms are gone. And do without the cheese except the 1% low fat cottage cheese.

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